1. I wonder why people are taking Nyako’s call for granted? this is coming from a retired Admiral who have been in Government for as long as i can remember and who believes that he can pull the stunt at any time he desire because his foot soldiers are always ready to accomplish his biddings. This is a threat against the old eastern Nigeriaand this is not just an ordinary threat because this is coming from a number one citizen of a state. From a man who is well placed to call the shot. He went as far as to remind the old Easterners of what happened in the year 1966. In the same hand one Fateema Abubarkar in her Facebook update called for killing of every Old easterner residing in the North in her words “lets start from the remote village to the cities” We should not be oblivious that Nyako is not alone in this as we can remember El-Rufai saying that the only Avenue left now is to take Goodluck’s power by force. They said that to be forewarned is to be forarmed. We should wake up lest a repeat of 1966!


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