Yenagoa is a Local Government Area in Bayelsa State. Its headquarters are in the town of Yenagoa (the State capital) in the south of the area at4°55′29″N 6°15′51″E.
The LGA has an area of 700211116 km² and a population of 12,353,344 at the 2006 census.
The postal code of the area is 561.
Yenagoa is the traditional home of the Ijaw people. The Ijaw form the majority of the bayelsa state. English is the official language, but Epie/Atissa language, one of the Ijo languages, is the major local language spoken in Yenagoa.
Since attaining the status of state capital in 1996, construction and other activities have accelerated appreciably. Yenagoa’s population is estimated at about 266,008 people.[citation needed] It is the home of the Bayelsa United FC, a premier league football clubyenagggoa


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