Bayelsa State is situated at the heart of the West African rain forest in the Niger Delta. With its superb greenery, mangrove and beautiful forests, the State has abundant supply of wildlife and fish. It is one of the most important areas in Nigeria in terms of biodiversity. The mangrove forest of the Delta is the largest in Africa and the 3rd largest in the world, thus, contributing immensely, to the oxygen supply of planet earth. The forests, mangroves and fisheries are vital to the livelihoods of the community. Bayelsa State has hundreds of rivers and creeks (which are tributaries of the River Niger) that flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The State also has the most beautiful tourist beaches in Nigeria.

Due to its abundance of natural resources, Bayelsa State offers a variety of investment opportunities in nine economic sectors, namely; agriculture, energy, fisheries, infrastructure, manufacturing, research, solid minerals, tourism and transportation. These have been classified into eight investment areas of agriculture, rice, Bayelsa Palms, forest and agro-forestry, aquaculture, mineral resources, infrastructure and transportation and tourism.

Strategic Location
Bayelsa State is a natural access point for international trade for the whole of West Africa and the gulf of Guinea as it has the deepest berth in Africa, giving it a locational and capacity advantage. The on-going plans to develop Bayelsa’s port, export processing zone and free trade zone also lead to an enhanced investment strategic location for the State and ultimately making the state a new bride waiting to be courted by forward looking investors.
Bayelsa has the highest rainfall in Nigeria, with an annual average of approximately 140 centimetres per year (and up to 400 centimetres in some areas), with a short dry season (November to March). It shares boundaries with Delta State, Rivers State and has the largest coastline with the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Average temperatures range between 23°C and 33°C.2

Bayelsa State covers an area of 10,000 km2 and is largely (75%) wetland with myriad creeks and rivers ensuring an adequate habitat for fisheries and other aquaculture. More than three quarters of its area is covered by water and mostly below sea level. The network of several creeks and rivers allow flow into the Atlantic via major rivers.

A Tourists Haven
With its superb greenery and beautiful forests, the state has abundant supply of wildlife and fish. It is one of the most important areas in Nigeria, in terms of biodiversity. The mangrove forest of the Delta is the largest in Africa and the 3rd largest in the world, thus, contributing immensely, to the oxygen supply of planet earth. The forests, mangroves and fisheries are vital to the livelihoods of the community. Bayelsa state has hundreds of rivers and creeks that flow into the Atlantic Ocean, and also, the most beautiful tourist beaches in Nigeria.

Fastest Growing State in Nigeria
Bayelsa State is one of the fastest growing states in Nigeria. Thanks to its improved investment climate, improved security, new regime of fiscal transparency, Bills granting autonomy of the judiciary, and the investment insurance provided by Government on investors and tourists. Furthermore, with massive investment in infrastructure and urban planning, and tax friendly and business friendly incentives, the State has become the destination of choice for all investors into Nigeria.

Business-Friendly Reforms
The state Government has undertaken a series of reforms, which allow for quick incorporation of companies, easy registration with tax authorities, less costly rates for building permits, simplified procedure for registering property, and reduction in time to register land. The Investment Promotion Agency provides assistance as investors go through these various processes and its One-Stop Investment Center makes the processes easy and efficient. Furthermore, the new administration is determined to make Bayelsa State the preferred destination of choice by all investors in all sectors of the economy. The Government has therefore initiated a rigorous programme of transformation and regeneration of the transport system (air, water, road, and sea), its hotels and hospitality capacity, its natural aquaculture and agrarian comparative advantage, and its tourism infrastructure. Focus has also been put on its education to enhance the capacity of its workforce to maximise their potential in the upcoming areas of investment.

Security of Investment
Bayelsa state is host to three defence bases; the Naval Base, the Air Force Tactical Command and the Joint Task Force on Security. In addition to the national efforts, the Bayelsa State Government has created and institutionalised the very strategic state level joint force called Doo Akpo. This security initiative boasts 100 police cars, 300 police and 200 army officers, with GPS maintained systems. This all contribute toward making Bayelsa State an enjoyable place to live and work.

Abundance of Natural Resources
The vegetation in Bayelsa is characterized by the mangrove forest, and by arable land for cultivation of various food and cash crops such as oil palm, rubber, cocoa, rice, plantation, banana, yams, coco yams, coconut, cassava, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and pineapple. It has vast deposits of diverse solid minerals, mangroves and forests, and a reputation as being a safe place to work and live.

Natural Resource Location Use
Cassava Throughout Bayelsa Garri (food), industrial starch,
alcohol, flour and animal feed
Rice Brass, Peremabiri
Sugar Cane Throughout Bayelsa Sugar, syrup bio-fuel
Fine Sand Construction, Glass industry
Fish, Crayfish, Shrimps Brass, Akassa etc
Salt Brass Cooking, pharmaceutical, agro-allied products and textiles
Crude oil & Gas Throughout Bayelsa Petrol chemicals, fueldomestic gas, fertiliser
Clay Ekpetiama, Agbia Bricks, tiles, ceramics, paper and sanitary ware.
Cocoa Southern Ijaw, Sagbama, Ekeremor Beverage, drug
Timber Ekeremor Infrastructure

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bayelsa

Abundant Resources: Bayelsa has enormous resources, most of which are yet to be fully exploited. They include mineral, agricultural and human resources.
Large Market: Bayelsa offers the market in Nigeria, West Africa and the gulf of Guinea thanks to its strategic location via the Atlantic Ocean to reach the larger sub region.
Political Stability: Bayelsa offers stable political environment.
Free Market Economy: The Government has created a favourable climate for business and industrial ventures. Administrative and bureaucratic procedures have been greatly streamlined. The Government has put in place policies and programmes that guarantee a free market economy.
Generation of a Robust Private Sector: The State has commenced the process for a dynamic private sector, which has assured greater responsibilities under the new economic environment.
Attractive Incentives: A comprehensive package of incentives has been put in place to attract investment.
Fast Growing Financial Sector: There is a developing banking and financial sector and joint venture arrangements in place. As a result, the investor has easy access to working capital and other credit facilities.
Skilled and Low Cost Labour: There is an abundance of skilled labour at an economic cost, resulting in production costs, which are among the lowest in Nigeria.
Infrastructure: Rapid development of physical and industrial infrastructure, in terms of transportation, communications, electricity and water supply.
A Motivated Government: The new Government has put development and the pursuit of sustainable investment coupled with a policy of fiscal transparency.


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